Apply theme settings for your audience(s)

Apply theme settings for your audience(s)

Purpose of this article

When you have multiple portals for different audiences, Pulse allows you to set theme settings for these audiences . This way you can make the appearance of the portal fit even better with the audience for which it is intended and you can make a better distinction between your audiences. This article explains how to adjust theme settings for audiences.

How it's done 

Setting the theme settings for your audiences works the same as the general theme settings. 

  1. Go to CMS > Organization Settings > Portal 

  2. Next, select the portal from which you want tot change the theme settings

  3. Under the 'Theme Settings' tab you can change the look and feel of the portal

  4. Click on 

  5. Your theme settings have been applied to the portal

Note: if you have created a new AD group for a theme, you have to log in or out to see the changes. 

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