Branding of native app

Branding of native app

You can customize the look and feel of your native app. In order to prepare yourself, all the options and assets are listed below. 

Summary of default assets you can add to your Synigo Pulse CMS

  1. Your logo. 900 x 900 pixels
  2. Your logo. 128 x 128 pixels
  3. Optional:  background image. 1579 x 2890 pixels

Default Synigo Pulse app

All customers can customize the following settings in the Content Management System:

Sign in screen

  1. Logo: this logo will be displayed on the sign in screen. Recommended size is 900 x 900 pixels.
  2. Text color: determines the color of the text. 
  3. Background color: determines the color of the background or
  4. Background image:  an image on the background. Recommended size is 1579 x 2890 pixels (W x H).
  5. Button color: determines the color of the button. 
  6. Button text color: determines the color of the button. 
Sign in screen


  1. Logo: logo on top of the dashboard screen. Recommended size is 128 x 128 pixels. 
  2. Text color: determines all text displayed at the dashboard.
  3. Background color: a solid color as the background or 
  4. Background image: image to use as a background. Recommended size is 1579 x 2890 pixels (W x H).



  1. Background color: determines the color of the tile.
  2. Background opacity: determines the level of transparency.
  3. Icon: illustration that represents the meaning of the app. 

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