How to add news

How to add news

The News node contains the items that are displayed in the News widget and the News app. You add a new item as follows:

1. Open the News node.

2. Click on Create News Article.


3. Enter a name. This is the name that will be used for the article in the CMS. Enter here, for example, the title of the item.

4. Enter a title. This is the title of the item that will be displayed in the News widget and app. Use as short a title as possible for an optimal display.

5. Enter a teaser. This is a short introductory text that is displayed in the overview of the News app.

6. Enter the entire item, including the introductory text.

7. You can use formatting here, such as bold, italics and underline. 

8. Select a line of text and click on Formats > Heading 2 to create a title from the line.

9. Click on the button <> to view and edit the text in HTML display.

10. Click on the button Media Picker to add an image.

11. The ‘Select media’ panel opens and displays the contents of the Media section.

12. Open the News folder.

13. Select the desired folder for the current month.
14. Create a new folder for this month. To do this, click on +, enter a name and press enter.

15. Upload images by dragging them to the contents of the folder. Skip this step if the image is already in the media library.

16. Select the desired image.


17. Enter an alternative text if desired.

18. Click on Submit at the bottom right.
19. This image has been added and will be displayed over the entire width of the Contents area. The image will be displayed to users in the News app over the full width of the content column and will scale along with various screen widths (responsive design).

Use an image with a width of 1000 pixels so that the image will be displayed properly on various screen widths. It is possible to add wider images. Do not add images that are wider than 1500 pixels, as these will impact performance. Do not add images directly from a smartphone or digital camera; first reduce images to a width of 1000 pixels.

20. Reduce an image if you add a smaller image, or a vertical (portrait) image, and you don’t want to display it over the entire column width. Click on the image and reduce it by dragging the right bottom corner to the upper left.

Select an image of at least 400 x 200 pixels with a proportion of 2:1. If an image has a different proportion, it will automatically be cropped when it is displayed. If you want full control of the cropped image, then crop the image in a photo editing program before adding it.

Optional: add a unique cover image or leave blank to use your default image.

21. Click on the tab About this news item.

22. Enter the email address of the author (the Office 365 email address of the relevant user). The ‘News’ app automatically obtains the name, department and profile photo of the author from the Delve profile.

At the moment we only show people and groups or teams here, not distribution lists.

23. The field Publish date is automatically filled with the current date and time when you publish the item. The value of the field can be manually changed to move the item forward in the ‘News’ overview.

24. Add news sources. To do this, click on Add. The added news sources determine the selected news sources in the ‘News’ widget and app where the item will be displayed.

25 Click on the tab Persissions

26. Choose a group and enter +

27. Click on Save and publish to publish the item and make it available in the ‘News’ widget and app.

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