How to change the section thumbnail

How to change the section thumbnail

Purpose of this article

Each section in the Knowledge Base ('Weten & Regelen') is accompanied by a thumbnail. You can change the look of this thumbnail to match the look of your brand or organization. 

This article explains how to change the thumbnail that is shown in your section(s). 

How it's done

Say, you want to change this thumbnail:

  1. Select your Knowledge Base

  2. Select Topics

  3. Select the topic whose icon you want to change 

  4. Select About this rubric

  5. Click on the x inside the picture

  6. Click on the + inside the frame

  7. Select the right folder (you might have to click multiple times to get to the needed folder)

  8. First, select the wanted icon (click on the icon itself). Then, click on submit

  9. Click on

  10. You'll see the following notifications

  11. The change has now been applied to the section

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