How to change the URL of a Synigo Pulse app?

How to change the URL of a Synigo Pulse app?

Purpose of this article

Several features (widgets and apps) have a unique URL that can be customized to your needs. E.g. the Knowledge Base or the People directory. Required is you have activated the widget, e.g. People Directory or Knowledge Base 

How it's done

Following the example of changing the URL of the People Directory we show you how you can change the URL of a Synigo Pulse app.

1. Navigate to the People app in Company Settings / Apps. 

2. Change the title at the top.
Type the name of your hyperlink 

3. Next, navigate to the required widget, in this case People Directory.  


4. In the field Url, you type the name you entered in the title above. Please type this after /#/.   
    For example: /#/ Typeyourcustomurlhere 

5. Repeat this step for all the widgets that use the specific app. 

6. Refresh your portal. 

7. You are finished.

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