How to create an extra News collection

How to create an extra News collection

Purpose of this article

Sometimes it can be useful to have multiple news collections. For example, because you want to coordinate your news per department or because you want separate news sections for your employees and students. This article explains how to create extra News collections. 

How it's done 

Add a News Collection

  1. Go to the CMS

  2. Go to Content (1),  click on the three dots and then choose News collection (2)

  3. Name your collection and, if you want to, choose a picture you want to use as a default cover picture for your news articles. This picture is shown if there is no other cover picture chosen during the creation of a news item. 

  4. Click on 'save and publish'

  5. Create an Articles folder (1) and a Sources folder (2)

  6. Add Sources and Articles to the folders you just created

Add a News page

Now that we have created a News Collection, we need a News page to show our news collection. The easiest way to do so is to copy an existing one. 
  1. Go to an existing news page and click on the three dots > 'Do something else'

  2. Choose 'Copy'

  3. Uncheck 'relate to original' but leave 'include descendants' checked

  4. Select where the copied page should be placed > check 'Pages', then click on 'copy'

  5. Change the name and news source of the page

  6. Click on 'save and publish' 

  7. Next, we need to publish the page

    To do so, click on the three dots, choose 'do something else' and click on 'publish'. Make sure all boxes are checked.

  8. Your new page is now published

Add a News widget

The News widget shows an overview of what's on the News page. 
  1.  Go to 'Widgets'. Click on the three dots and select 'News widget'

  2. Name the widget and make the title clickable so user can use it to navigate to the page

  3. Select a source

  4. Set permissions if needed

  5. Place the widget on a portal page

  6. You're done!

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