How to integrate Windows Virtual Desktop

How to integrate Windows Virtual Desktop

WVD integration

Synigo Pulse enables you to integrate and open Windows Virtual Desktop apps into your apps widget.

End result

The end result should somewhat look like below. In this case the top row of apps are Remote (WVD) apps, the bottom row are all SaaS apps.

How to configure?

Go to the CMS, navigate to your apps and select the WVD Integration tab

Enable WVD Integration
Check this if you want to integrate WVD, otherwise leave this unchecked.
Feed Discovery Url
Enter the Url to your WVD application feed. By default this is
Allowed Groups
Add one or more Azure AD groups who have the rights to connect to the WVD environment
Allowed individuals
Add one or more Azure AD userswho have the rights to connect to the WVD environment
Add the consent URI by clicking Add Custom Consent. By Default this uri is If you are admin of your tenant, you can click Open Consent Url in new Window to allow the Your Digital Workplace application to connect to your WVD Environment. if you're not an admin, you can copy the Consent url to the clipboard and e mail it to someone who is admin. 

By giving consent, you allow the Enterprise Application called "Your Digital Workplace" to connect to your WVD application. Both apps are registered in your Azure AD environment. You can find them in the Enterprise application section.

When you open the URL in the consent section and you've configured the right scope, you'll see this window.

If you click accept and all went well, you'll see this window:

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