How to use notices

How to use notices

Purpose of this article

With notices you can display urgent information that's temporary (for example: colleagues that are absent, classes that are cancelled). This article explains how to use notices. 

How it's done

  1. Go to your CMS, select Content, click on the three dots. Next, select Urgent Notices Collection

  2. Give your collection a name and click on 

  3. Now it's time to add content to your collection. First, create a Notices categorie. 

  4. Then, create a Notice. If you have a lot of information to share, use the 'read more' section'.  Give your Notice a name and click on 

  5. Add a category to your notice and click on 

  6. Go to Organization Settings (step 1) and select Widgets (step 2). Then click on the three dots and select Notices widget (step 3)

  7. Give your widget a name (step 1) and determine if you want it to be moveable (step 2) and/or optional (step 3)

  8. Select a source for the notices widget

  9. Click on 

  10. Finally, go to Organization Settings (step 1), Pages (step 2) and determine where you want to place the widget (step 3)

  11. Click on 

  12. You'll see the following notifications

  13. You're done. The notice is now visible on your portal (you might need to refresh the portal)

Recent changes

We've now also added category filters to the notices on the portal:

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