How to remove language filter options when using a single language

How to remove language filter options when using a single language

Purpose of this article

In some instances, the language filter is shown in news/knowledge base/notices while you only use one language. You can deactivate this filter. You need to do this in a specific order for the changes to be shown correctly. This article shows you how to do so. 

How it's done

Say, you have your portal set to Dutch and English, but you're not using English. However, English is still shown as a filter option on your news page. To deactivate this option, follow the steps below: 
  1. Go to Organization Settings in CMS. Select Dutch and English. 

  2. Go to the other nodes that have options for language filters and select Dutch and English on all those nodes:
    1. Articles (News)
    2. Topics (Knowledge base)
    3. Notices

  3. Deselect English on all nodes:
    1. Articles (News)
    2. Topics (Knowledge base)
    3. Notices
    4. Organization Settings

  4. Now the filter is no longer shown. 

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