How to activate the News comments feature?

How to activate the News comments feature?


Until March 4th 2019, comments on news articles in Synigo Pulse were handled by Yammer, using Microsoft's Yammer Embed functionality. All comments added to news articles were saved in a specific Yammer group (specified in the Yammer Comments Widget). On March 4th, we'll introduce a new and improved comments feature. This feature has the following benefits:
  • It's fast.
  • It's more reliable than Yammer Embed.
  • You can like news articles.
  • You won't see the 'sign in to your account' message anymore.
  • It's a native Synigo Pulse feature. We have full control on the user experience and performance of this feature
From March 4th, 2019 (on preview from February 25th), the new comments feature will be available on all Pulse environments. If your Pulse environment was created before March 4th, however, you need to deactivate the Yammer comments feature and activate the new comments feature manually in your environment.

If you deactivate the Yammer comments feature and active the new comments feature, existing comments on news articles will not be displayed anymore. These comments however, will still be available in the specified group on Yammer.

Activate the new comments feature

You have to be a CMS Administrator to perform the next steps.

Check if the new Comments Widget has been published

  • Go to the CMS (
  • Click on the blue 'Sign in with Active Directory' button.
  • Go to [Your organization] > Organization Settings > Widgets.
  • Check if the new 'Comments Widget' has been published. If the widget is displayed in black, it has been published, otherwise it will be displayed greyed out. In case it does not appear, follow the instructions to activate a new widget.

  • If the widget has not been published, select the Comments Widget and click on Save and Publish on the bottom right.
For reasons of design it is recommended to leave the title of the widget blank under the settings of the widget. 

Remove the Yammer Comments Widget and add the new Comments Widget

  • In the CMS, go to [Your organization] > Organization Settings > Pages > News. Depending on your organization's settings, 'News' can be placed within a subfolder (such as 'Employees').
  • Within 'News', go to Article > Bottom Row > Yammer Column.
  • In the section 'Widgets', remove the Yammer Comments Widget by clicking on the Remove button.

  • Click on 'Add' to add a new widget.

  • Select the 'Comments Widget' and click on Submit on the bottom right.
  • You might want to change the column name of the 'Yammer Column' node to 'Comments Column'. This step is just for the CMS Admin's convenience, it's not required for the new Comments feature to function well.
  • Click on Save and Publish on the bottom right.

Check the results

To check the results, go to your Pulse portal, refresh the page and open a news article. You should see the new comments feature, including a 'like' button now.

Happy commenting;)
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