How to integrate Liquit Workspace

How to integrate Liquit Workspace

Liquit Workspace is a product which allows your IT department to easily provision applications in various ways to your end users. If you are not familiar with Liquit workspace, we can say a lot more, but it's better to check out for more details.

Within Synigo Pulse you're able to set up an integration between Liquit Workspace and your portal. When accomplishing this, you can see and launch your personalized apps (SaaS, Citrix, RDS, or local) directly from your portal.

In order to setup this integration, you'll need to do the following:
  1. Set the correct security settings (CSP and CORS) in your Liquit workspace (see
  2. Navigate to your Liquit Widget and add modify the following settings at the Liquit Integration tab
    1. Liquit Url: change this to the url of your Liquit Workspace environment
    2. Domain: change this to the domain you are using in Liquit
    3. Liquit Application Id: See setting up SSO (below) for more information 
    4. Show Grouped: if you check this checkbox, your Liquit apps will be grouped by the Tags with the color white (#ffffff) you define in Liquit. We explicitly defined the color white so you can still use tags within Liquit without disturbing the grouping at your portal.

If you want to use SSO based on your active directory in stead of cookie exchange (which is not supported by all browsers, you have to do the following
Make sure your Liquit App registration is correct and you have the right Liquit version. see for more information.

  1. Lookup the application id of "Your digital workplace" in the section Enterprise Applications of your Azure Portal. It should be something like 1ad0....da3e
  2. Go to your Liquit App registration in the App Registrations section of your Azure Portal.
  3. Go to Expose an API 
    1. Press "Add a Client Application"
      1. Enter the Id from step one into the Client ID field
      2. Select the scope which looks like a url ending with user_impersonation
      3. Press Add Application
  4. Go to Overview of yourLiquit application Registration
    1. Copy the Application (client) ID value
  5. Paste the value in your CMS in the Liquit Application Id field and hit save and publish

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