Menu items or tiles on dashboard

Menu items or tiles on dashboard

Purpose of this article

You can determine the contents of the dashboard of your native app. 

Types of menu items or tiles

The dashboard of your app is made up of tiles or menu items. A menu item can have one of the following three actions: 
  1. Open an item that is part of the app, e.g the knowledge base. 
  2. Open a url, e.g. a webpage.
  3. Open an application installed on the phone or let your user download it from a store.
Tiles of native app

Add and change menu items

Navigate to the Menu Items node belonging to the Audience you would like to change. E.g. at [Your Organization] > Organization Settings > Synigo App > Default App > Menu Items. 

Click on the three dots right from Menu Items and choose the type of menu item you would like to add. You can choose from the following types:
  1. Menu item: use these items for your first content, such as your first news or knowledge base.
  2. News: a 2nd, 3rd etc news collection.
  3. Knowledge base: a 2nd, 3rd etc content collection.
  4. Notices: a 2nd, 3rd etc collection of notices.
  5. Birthdays: makes visible the birthdays.
  6. Favorites: makes visible the personal favorites of the user.
  7. My List: makes visible lists of data from third party systems.
  8. Quicklinks: makes visible a set of quicklinks.
  9. Events: makes visible the events.
  10. Teamsites: makes visible the teamsites you are a member of.

Add menu items

By default several menu items are added to your audience. However, in case you need to add new menu items, e.g. when you create a new audience, please add one or more menu items and select the proper type of content on the second tab. Please note that you use these menu items to add your first news, knowledge or notices. 
Add menu item

Click on three dots right from menu items. Choose the type of content you woud like make visible in the app. In regard to birthdays, favorites, quicklinks, lists, events and teamsites you will need to select a proper source. E.g. in case you want to share a set of quicklinks you need to select that set. In this way you can share multiple sets.
Add a source to your dashboard item

Native applications

Note you need a deep link to a mobile application in order for it to be opened properly. Deeplink (URI) to mobile applications. We try to share as much as possible. Please share yours too so you help other customers. 

Sort menu items

You can sort the menu items on your dashboard by clicking on the three dots right from Menu Items.

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