News views (classic, hero, list, tile and compact)

News views (classic, hero, list, tile and compact)

Purpose of this article      

Users can decide how the news is presented to them. They can do this by selecting a particular view. The available views can be find by clicking on the rear icon. Note that these view are available on the portal as wells as on the news page itself. 
Toggle news views

Which views are there?

Hero/Highlighted view

The hero view (also known as the highlighted view) is meant to focus on a news story and present news "in your face". 

Classic view

The classic view shows your news in one row as you are used to. 

List view

The list view is a practical way of viewing the news in a vertical list. Ideal in smaller columns. 

Tile view

The tile view has bigger images and leaves more space for your teaser. 

Compact view

The compact view shows you a small thumbnail and oneliner of the article text in the form of a teaser. 
How to enable the views
Navigate to organization > widgets and open the "News widget" (note this widget might have another name according to your conventions). At the first tab you determine which will be available and which one will be the default view to your users. 
Enable newsviews

Labels of views

By adding a custom property to the news widget you can configure the name of the view.
  1. key: viewClassic // value [your value] => this overrides default name
  2. key: viewHero // value [your value] => this overrides default name
  3. key: viewList // value [your value] => this overrides default name
  4. key: viewTile // value [your value] => this overrides default name
  5. key: viewCompact // value [your value] => this overrides default name

Good to know

Hide news category

You can choose to hide the category in news items. You can do this on 3 levels:
  1. News Widget => Hides on widget
  2. News Page => Hides on news page
  3. News item => hides on article page

Pay attention to not select this option as a default. 


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