Overview of Native app

Overview of Native app

Overview Native app Synigo Pulse

The current version has the following features:


Using audiences you can publish different versions to groups of people in your organization. Read more.


The dashboard is essential to you as it gives you an overview of the features and apps that your organization uses. Your admin determines which tiles appear on your dashboard. Read more.


News delivers you content from and about your organization. Please notice the news is visible from the sources that you selected in the portal. 


Notices are practical and often urgent notices you need to read. E.g. that there is no parking space due to roadwork. 


This feature is relevant to educational customers. You see your grades originating for a particular LMS system. 

Knowledge Base

Managed content that answers your questions about working at your organization. 

Notifications (news, notices, grades)

Notifications warn or alert you something has changed and needs your attention. The following badges will be included
  1. A new news article 
  2. A notice
  3. A new grade (education)


Documents gives you access to your recent documents. You can toggle between different views. 


Here you can find contact details of your colleagues. 

Things to keep in mind

  1. When using Sharepoint teamsites as part of the app, the user will always have to log in once. 
  2. When you have the desktop version of the portal opened, the badges on and in the app may not appear. This is because when a change in news or notices happens, the portal flags this change as 'seen' first. So if you're missing app badges, make sure to check if you have closed the desktop version of the portal.

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