Using the CMS of Synigo Pulse you can assign items, widgets, audiences to groups of users. These groups of users are based on Azure AD groups. To assign these users you will encounter the following control in the CMS. 

The permission control looks like this. Here it means that these 4 groups have permissions. 
Groups with permissions
You can add a group by clicking on the button add. Search and select the proper group. Select the group you would like to add and submit. 
Select your groups

Favorite groups

A practical feature is that you can add (Azure AD) groups to your favorites. These favorites are available throughout your CMS. You only have to select your favorites once in order to assign permissions easily. 

To select a favorite you click at the end of the group name. 
Make a favorite

To see all your favorites click the button with the heart (green below). 
See your favorites

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