Release August 6 2018

Release August 6 2018


Improved title bar
In order to maintain the same User Experience within Office 365 and Synigo Pulse, We've updated our title bar to give it the same look and feel of Office 365

Improved image caching
We've set up a new Distributed image caching mechanism which will greatly improve the security, performance and robustness of the way we manage images.


#2351 Some widgets are hidden when there's no content to display, while they should be displayed
Some widgets were hidden when they did not have any content. In stead they should show a messages. For example: There are no birthdays

#2727 Apps folder: individual user is not respected
When setting security on app folders in the CMS, the individual property was not respected.

#2701 Timeline widget: use the grey icon again for groups
Based on feedback, we used the gray color for the groups icon again, however we've upgraded the icon to the latest version of Microsoft

#2715 Timeline widget: when removing the widget from the template in the CSS and adding it as optional widget, the personalization settings are not applied correctly
Personalization was not applied correctly to optional widget with complex configuration which were not directly added to grid

#2714 Image Slider widget causes large white space below the widget
When opening the settings, a large whitespace may have appeared beneath the Image Slider widget.

#1959 Video embed function in CMS (tinyMCE) is not working correctly
We've made some improvements to the responsiveness of images in the News and Knowledgebase section

#2620 KB: Recently changed widget displays items from wrong languages
In some cases language settings where not honored by the system, showing recently changed items from all languages

#2702 Double permission fields at the Link Widget
We implemented a generic security feature on displaying widgets, so these permission settings became obsolete

#2696 Few optimizations needed for People Directory
We've implemented some minor tweaks to the people Directory, from slightly different styles to opening another Delve profile view

#2703 Responsive issues People Directory
We've made some responsiveness improvements for the People Directory

#2700 Groups & Teams widget: not working if you don't have an Exchange Online License
We now support one single widget for Groups (Exchange license needed) and Teams (no Exchange license needed). If you do not have an exchange licence, this widget will still work correctly now.

#2693 Events widget: when clicking on close, first all content is removed from the panel and next it's closed
Just a minor tweak to make this closing behavior more smootlhy

#2349 When clicking back in a news article you do not navigate back to the right (paged) location in news
We fixed this one!

#1321 Image slider: when the portal tab is not active, image slider loads empty image when sliding.
This was on old issue, we managed to solve this one using the a pure CSS responsive aprouch 

#1553 When an user has no access to the root SP site collection, a confusing error message is displayed in the birthday widget
This one is now fixed

#2319 My Favorites Widget Duplicates in list causes the favorites to not show
This one was fixed a long time ago, we rechecked this issue and closed it.

#2353 Help panel: mailto link is displayed as javascript:void link and does nothing
This one is fixed now

#2595 Search widget: auto focus causes issues
Auto focus on this widget caused some unwanted behavior, we removed this.

#2615 Documents widget: shows not only documents, but also list items
We've made the documents filter more strict to exclude all web and SharePoint content

#2616 Quicklinks Widget => mailto link opens new tab
We've implemented an exception for mailto quicklinks

#2691 SharePoint Events Widget Configuration
You needed to paste a relative Url in this widget's configuration to get the events details. Now you can paste a compete url

#2741 Teamsites Trimming of duplicates
Somehow SharePoint may that some of your TeamSites are duplicates and they are unjustly filtered out in the search query. We've changed our search settings to prevent this from happening.
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