Release July 15 2018

Release July 15 2018


People Directory
Browse or search for every employee in your organization. You can filter on properties like Department, Job Title, or location.

Citrix Integration
We've improved our Citrix integration. We now better support a single sign-on setup. Please contact us if you need more information.

Groups Feature Toggle
You can now choose which features you want to enable in the Groups Widget and Groups App. If you don't wan't to use teams or group conversations, you can disable these features.

Microsoft office 365 Groups or Microsoft Teams (or both?)
In the Groups Settings tab of the Groups Widget you can now choose whether you want to see the Microsoft office 365 Groups or Microsoft Teams or both.

We've made an adjustment so that these Teams are now shown in the Groups and Teams Widget again. Before this change a Team was also a group and had the group capabilities, such as Conversations, Calendar and People. This is for these 'Team only' teams no longer the case. As a result you will see less features in the widget

Permissions on widgets
We've extended our permission model to now include widgets as well. This way you can show/hide a widget for certain security groups. This as an improvement when you apply multiple audiences

Knowledgebase Search
The search results of the knowledgebase now display a portion of the found text, to give you a better context of why this result is shown. Also, when opening a search result, all questions are opened containing your search query so you no longer have to poke around to see which question contains your desired answer.

Custom link and widget colors
In the CMS you can now choose the colors inline links will have, for example the links in news articles or links in the knowledgebase. It is also possible to change the color of widget titles.

Track users in Google Analytics
We now enable you to track user ids, check out this article to learn more. Note that we apply an one way encryption algorithm, to obfuscate the semantic part of the username. In simple terms. It is not possible identify the actual person based on this information. We do keep the domain part of the userID in tact, so if you have multiple domains (e.g. and you can see a distinction between them..

Show the time in the Greetings Widget
If you want to see the time as well in the greetings widget, you can add a custom property named showTime and with the value true for the Greetings Widget in the CMS. The widget will show and update the time.

Buienradar Widget Refreshes every 5 minutes
In order to stay up to date with the current weather, The Buienradar widget refreshes every 5 minutes


#1285 Links/urls added to the timeline are not displayed as link in Outlook Online/Outlook desktop

When posting a link in the timeline, this link was treated as text in outlook, not as a link


#1458 Timeline: in some cases Outlook wraps the complete text in a link

This resulted in the text being a complete link. This is now handled differently


#1574 Copy pasting long hyperlinks from timeline result into broken hyperlinks in the preview message

Long links are shortened using an Ellipsis in the center of the link. This shortening mechanism however was also applied to the actual link itself.


#2099 Notices widget: long titles are not broken down correctly to more lines

The word wrap function in this title did not work correctly resulting in possible mid word breaks when starting a new line.


#2306 Custom ICONS

The mechanism for displaying the favicon did not always work correctly


#2331 Favorites widget: wrong icons & strange behavior when adding a favorite

Removing and adding the favorites widget sometimes resulted in displaying the wrong icons.


#2356 Scheduled Publish does not work

Scheduling a document for publication did not work because this scheduled publish event did not trigger the correct update mechanisms.


#2377 Meeting disappears before the meeting ends (and actually starts)

The time zone of one of our server clusters was off, resulting in a wrong perception of when now actually is


#2378 Error when deleting a notice

Deleting a notice in the CMS triggered an error.


#2385 Large number of likes in the timeline did not display correctly

When a post received a large number of likes, expanding the likes resulted in the panel falling behind another post.


#2389 Deleting the News articles node, does not flush the news cache

Deleting the news articles node the parent of an individual news article. The cache was not flushed, so these changes where not visible Immediately.


#2396 CDN Does not correctly redirect images



#2401 Knowledgebase search handles language selections incorrectly

In the KB, when searching for topics in a certain language, no results are where found when selecting this language.


#2405 Changing the 'Content' node name in the CMS resulted in malformed links in the Knowledgebase.

The linking mechanism in the Knowledgebase depended on the name of the content node, renaming this node, may resulted in wrong links.


#2464 Title field shown at topics and questions nodes

These document types both had the title property, however this property was not used, nor is it scheduled to be used in the future. Therefore this field was removed.


#2467 Deleting a location in the CMS triggers an error

Deleting a location resulted into a null reference exception, causing an error to show up.


#2469 Virtual Topics are not shown as Top Topics (Both Section and Category)

It was not possible to set a Virtual Topic as a Top Topic


#2523 Favorites Widget: Description disappears when adding a favorite

The favorites widget automatically retrieves the title of the website to add, this did not work well when deep linking


#2527 Events Widget: when adding multiple events widgets, only the first widget shows items

We supported adding only one Events Widget to the portal. Now you can add more then one widget.


#2539 Adding the news widget as an optional widget did not render the way it should

When adding the news widget to the canvas it stated it had no news and you needed to select other news sources. When reloading the news was shown correctly. This is now also the case after adding the news widget


#2540 When adding a new widget to the page, the widget disappears

These widgets have been identified to behave wrongly when adding them to the canvas: Liquit Apps, Buienradar, Search, 9292, Multi-search, Yammer, SharePoint list widget. They might show up empty at first and displayed correctly when reloading the portal


#2546 Unused property Locations in question

The property locations in a questions was not used nor is it scheduled to be used in the future, so this one was removed.


#2548 Groups widget: when changing personalization, the order gets messed up

The sequence properties of the Personalized where treated as string values instead of numeric values. Therefore the sequence got messed up because JavaScript states that "10" is less than "2"


#2549 Adding a view in the SharePoint List widget does not work

Clicking the Add View button did not always result into actually adding the view in the CMS


#2550 'No image found' bug when there's no custom profile picture

When an user did not set a custom profile picture the image not found icon was shown instead of the default user icon.


#2552 Updating a Knowledgebase Topic does not update the linked questions

Updating topics did not update the relation between the topic and the linked questions. Therefore changes might not be shown directly after saving a topic


#2562 CMS: Publish including unpublished children returns 417 (unexpected header)

It turns out that due to some misconfiguration in the naming of the CSRF it was not possible to batch publish and unpublish


#2568 CMS: user token refresh does not always work correctly, resulting in issues

The token cache did not change the refresh tokens, this resulted in various bugs related to not being authorized to access certain resources


#2569 Multi search widget: when changing the search scope, the entered query is deleted

When adding a search query and then changing the search scope. The query will now be preserved.


#2583 System fails to refresh access tokens.

Investigation pointed out that the cache Bits where not refreshed in existing token caches.


#2582 Unable to remove Assigned but optional widget

It was not possible to remove an optional  widget, but already placed widget.


#2584 Maximum URL length too short

Urls for retrieving documents and images for the timeline might be lengthy. The Maximum length of allowed urls is increased to allow these requests to pass through.


#2590 Search on dashes yield wrong results

Search expressions are stripped from everything but text and numbers and then broken down into search tokens

stripping the expression caused wrong search tokens and thus no results

#2674 Description of event in event panel not updated
When opening an event with a description and afterwards opening an event without a description, the former description was shown

#2691 SharePoint Event Widget configuration
Previously the configuration of this widget only supported the path (without domain) to retrieve the Event List settings, now you can enter either the full url, only the path, with or without page
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