Release 4.2.0 (August 2020)

Release 4.2.0 (August 2020)

Release 4.2.0 (August 2020)

What's new?


On Monday August 17th, we have started deploying the following features. The deploy takes multiple days. You will be notified when your tenant is ready.

Live updates
We've implemented live updates for content changes (news and notices) and you receive notifications from your O365 environment (new e mails). This is an opt-in feature. Activate it in your CMS; organization settings and the property Notification Groups. Read more.

Onboarding Proces
You can setup your own onboarding proces for new users. This onboarding proces follows a number of steps; greet the new user, ask him to set his profile photo and select optional news/event preferences. Read more.

Calendar Widget
You can view calendars of users who have explicitly shared their calendar with you. Read more.

News Widget
  1. We've added a new view called "Compact view". This view is very suitable for showing news items in a small column (e.g. 1/3 of a screen).
  2. We've added a property called "Hide Category". When checked, categories are no longer shown in your news items.

Responsive News Article (Grid)
Use our new grid editor to create nice responsive news articles. Read more.

Default timeline group is back
Select a default timeline group for your users. Read more.


Extra styling
We've added a lot of extra styling possibilities for all of your rich content (news, knowledgebase and so on).

Content references
For a single news or notice category you can see which articles or notices references the selected category.

Liquit Widget
We've made several improvements here:
  1. Long titles are truncated in the center, to keep the most semantic part at the end.
  2. We've added an option too group the Liquit Tiles
  3. We've implemented Liquit's new SSO mechanism. They've introduced this mechanism to cope with the new and stricter third party cookies policies modern browsers use.
Facebook widget
Add your favorite Facebook feed to your portal.

Blank HTML Widget
This widget both supports adding HTML and Javascript, so you can build your own simple widgets (if you like).

Topdesk integration
Allows you to search through content in Topdesk. 

Timeline embed improvement
A better experience of embedded videos in the timeline. 

Bugfixes since version 4.1.0

4000 News counter doesn't load
4120 Search labels
4148 Timeline doesn't load all messages
4181 Permissions in News sources
4242 Teams widget personalisation is reset
4312 Check default widget icon to new icon
4352. Multi-day appointment is not displayed properly in calendar widget
4372 Open items in RSS when openlocal is true
4411 Remove script limitation from editor
4413 Comments on news - author doesn't get a notification
4415 My calendar shows wrong appointments
4448 Tag in news
4467 No google analytics data
4468 Views groups/teams has no impact
4487 Yammer widget remains empty
4542 RSS external does not work correctly
4546 Enterprise Search Security for KB
4547 Enterprise Search does not Search for Tags in KB
4575 Add Form Post Quicklink so people can post forms as an app
4577 Order of newsources does determine the right tag
4594 Selecting events crashes app.
4602 Add normal readable lables to the onesearch filters
4605 Media files // change an existing picture without adding/removing it
4607 Deeplink to cms does not work from the portal
4611 Knowledge base Content Owner: if empty stay empty
4624 Label for whole day appointments is broken
4642 Switching between multiple People Directories does not refresh the view
4646 Cannot upload a picture once you typed some words
4650 Onesearch does not show preview images/files

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