Release 4.4.0 (January 9th 2021)

Release 4.4.0 (January 9th 2021)

We're proud to announce release 4.4.0 containing a bunch of new features! In these release notes we summarize these features. 

Presence information of all users in your organization

In order to display the presence icon of an user, we need to read the presence information in your organization

Access to user calendars on behalf of the user

In order to create an Appointment in Outlook calendars, when subscribing to an Event, we need to be able to access the user's calendar

Read all users' relevant people lists

This permission is used to display the relevant people in the user detail view.

View users' basic profile

This permission is already used, but is requested again, because the relevant peoples list relies on this permission.

What's new?

People Directory

We've finished redesigning the People Directory, giving it a new fresh look and feel and we've implemented a lot of new features.
Here are some of the changes:
  1. We show the Teams status (available, busy or away) of users.
  2. You can create your own filters (read this article for more information).
  3. You can add custom fields fields to search for.
  4. As a user you can set your own background image in the People Directory.
  5. We've added a person detail view. This view shows a lot of details of the user, typically found on his/hers Delve Profile. This detail view can be opened everywhere a person is shown.
We respect your Delve settings regarding documents. See this article about these settings on Microsoft docs 
Are You not seeing the presence of people, or their organization information in the person detail view? 
You need to give additional consent to allow your portal to get this data from Microsoft 365. Please let a Microsoft 365 admin use the link below

Show Case module (aka Projects module)

We've implemented a complete new module named Show Cases. Here you can show case your internal projects to the entire organization. You can now:
  1. See to which goals a project contributes.
  2. See who's involved.
  3. See what's changed over time.
  4. Give feedback.
  5. Allow other users to contribute to projects.
In this article you'll find more information about the show case module.


Just a minor change but pretty handy: When you now join an event, we'll automatically add it to your outlook calendar as well. 
Additional consent is required to allow this feature to work.

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