Release 4.5.0 (February 14th 2021)

Release 4.5.0 (February 14th 2021)

We're proud to announce release 4.5.0 containing some enhancements and new features! In these release notes we summarize these features. 
  1. We've made some improvements regarding the overall speed of the suggestions (instructions follow soon).
  2. You can now add links to the suggestion sources (e.g. your news, your external news source and so on) clicking this link will navigate you to that location.
  3. Some minor UI improvements, mainly to support white navigation bar.


  1. We've added an additional onboarding step to update your Delve profile.
  2. Onboarding is now repeatable so you can ask your users to update their profile after a period of time.
  3. See this article for more information.

Switching between portals

  1. You can now allow certain user groups to switch between portals, they are authorized to see. Ideal for content editors to check how the portal of a certain audience looks like. See this article for more information.

Voice integration

  1. You can enable an immersive reader for certain user groups. This reader is able to dissect your content into nouns, verbs and so on. Make the text bigger / higher contrast and read it out loud. See this article for more information.

API Integration

  1. We've equipped our CMS with means to integrate your custom API's in a standard and secure way. This integration consists out of 2 parts: 
    1. Configuration: Reference your API in your CMS (status: done).
    2. Integration: Connect widgets, One Search and more to your API (status: Work in Progress).
    3. More details follow soon.


  1. We did a lot of housekeeping to prepare us for future development, we:
    1. Upgraded CMS to one of the latest versions.
    2. Upgraded portal frontend code and backend runtime to one of the latest versions.
    3. Made an infrastructure to run periodic script to do some automated housekeeping.

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