Sign in to your app

Sign in to your app

Sign in screen

The sign in screen is the screen your users see when they authenticate themselves to use the app. Please note that your users will see our default sign in screen when they download the app from the stores and login for the first time. When they login for the second time they will see your login screen. 


You use the same credentials as you login to Synigo Pulse for Office 365. 

Customize the sign in screen

Go to the node Synigo App > Sign in screen. 

Sign in screen of native app

  1. Click on Synigo App
  2. Click on the second tab Sign in screen
You can customize the following elements 
  1. The title.
  2. The pay off; a short sentence about your app.
  3. The logo.
  4. Background image.
Using these elements and the font and button colors you can ensure your users identify it as your app. 

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